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In hiring space at unit 1/33 Galbraith Loop Erskine, I acknowledge & accept FULL

responsibility for the property known as 'The Sanctuary' 

I agree to use only the space hired & to stay to the time allocation I have booked unless otherwise agreed upon with the The Sanctuary Team. 

I agree to return the space exactly as it was at the beginning of the hire

& to adhere to any guidelines issued.
I agree to Sweep / Vacuum / Mop as needed & place any rubbish in the outside wheelie bins.

I further agree to wash & dry any dishes etc 

I take full responsibility for the security of the property during hire both locking the doors

whilst in use (where appropriate) & fully upon completion.

I understand if I leave the air conditioning or lights on there will be a
$20 Fee or $50 if left on over the weekend.

I further understand a cleaning fee of $100 will be charged if the space is left unruly &

take full financial responsibility for any breakages.
I take responsibility for the keys, receiving them from the lockbox & returning them into the lockbox directly after hire or similar arrangement.

I take full responsibility in LOCKING the box correctly.

I agree my hire is secure ONLY on the receipt of invoice payment OR monthly in advance on

discounted hires. I understand there is no refund for cancellations.

I agree to inform the The Sanctuary Team immediately should there be any problems & take full responsibility for the public liability of any persons in the centre under my hire and also hold a

CURRENT Public Liability Policy .. attached above.

I agree to all terms & conditions outline herein, & release 'The Sanctuary' || Sanctuary Sisu from any

liability for personal, property damage, life or personal injury including but not limited to loss of earnings, death or otherwise.


We are so ecstatic to offer you such a wonderful place and hope you feel at home.